What We Do

In Coaching, a professional coach assists clients with identifying their true life goals and helps them succeed by breaking down their goals, projects, and plans into logical, common sense, do-able action steps.  There are several types of coaches, but Personal Revolution Coaching focuses on two specialities:

    • Personal and Career Coaching of Professionals and Executives
    • Business Coaching for Small Businessessuccess-people

With Personal and Career Coaching, we work with professionals and executives to get them focused on what matters most to them.  We provide a holistic approach to career success by looking at the complete and complex women and men behind the power suits.  We also help them navigate the political office landscape and follow their vision for success so they can have the career and the lives they love.

In Business Coaching, we focus on understanding the client’s current business situation and goals, and work with the client to develop marketing and management strategies to grow her or his business.  In addition, we work with these entrepreneurs to get them clear on what drives sales, profits and their passion for their businesses.

If you are interested in signing up for personal, career or business coaching, please email beena@personalrev.com for coaching on how you can start your Personal Revolution!