Work with Beena 1 on 1


Are you looking for more individual coaching with

Head Coach Beena Kavalam, MBA, CPCC?  

Beena takes on individual clients who are willing to really step up their game in their careers and businesses.  If you want to work with Beena Kavalam, send her a note below. She values you and appreciates your time and effort in writing and taking this big step for yourself.

So, she personally reads & responds to each email.  Be sure to put “I’m ready to ….” and then what ever your goal is in the SUBJECT LINE.  Examples:

I’m ready to get promoted.

I’m ready to start getting recognized for the great work I deliver!

I’m ready to run a marathon.  

I’m ready to live the life I was destined to live!

Writing down your dream and stating the intention that you are ready is a big step…congrats! Go you!

You will be hearing from Beena in the next few days with more details on how to work with her.

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