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Personal Revolution Coaching  &  Head Coach

Beena Kavalam, MBA, CPCC

“Beena gets to the root of a business by asking the right questions with empathy and insight.  She is a great sounding board and her calm demeanor and creative outlook makes her really easy to talk to.  I would hands down recommend her to anyone.”

– Kriti Vichare, founder, NYC


I’ve finally launched my business because of weekly conversations with Beena. She’s got great insight, passion, entrepreneurial savvy and spirit, always shoots straight, …and is boundlessly encouraging and enthusiastic about my pursuits (and the heart behind them). Thank you, Beena! “

– Kate Raykovich, Personal Coach, Seattle, WA

“Beena’s coaching gave me tools to end a relationship that wasn’t working, and open my heart up to one that hopefully will.  Having her intuitive nature and ability to find useful “homework” assignments have been incredibly helpful.  She is funny, thoughtful, and has great insight into guiding my life to be in a better place.  I would recommend reaching out to Beena for help with finding your path in whatever part of your life you are struggling in.”

– Kelly, Product Development, Denver, CO


“Through my sessions with Beena, I rediscovered myself.  She helped me lay the foundation for fulfilling my dreams both personally and professionally.  I am so grateful that she was able to break through barriers that I was not even aware of!  When I feel myself going off track, I tap into her positive powerful energy to steer me back the right way.”

– Author, Jersey City, NJ 

Thanks for the inspiration tonight! Also, I really appreciate that you can coach & consult on the fly – changing as needed in the moment.”   

Marybeth N., Businesswoman, Denver, CO

Workshop Feedback

Beena Kavalam Perfect Your Pitch

“Beena, thank you for leading such a fabulous workshop for Daring Divas USA this weekend.  In the name of gratitude, we are so grateful that you infuse our community with such positivity, vibrant energy, and incredible resources and strategies to live more extraordinary lives!”

Jessie May Kezele CPCC, Founder Daring Divas USA, Boulder, CO


“Just attended this workshop yesterday. Beena was not only a total blast, but also provided tons of practical tips that participants could take home and start using right away!”

Business Owner, Boulder, CO

“Beena is a passionate, enthusiastic, AWESOME speaker.  Enjoyed getting feedback… both insightful and useful.  I even shared some of the tips with my boyfriend who actually used them and got paid for work he had been doing for FREE!  Thanks!”


“Great information about getting into a more powerful head space when naming and negotiating your rates.  Beena did an awesome job presenting.  Would also love a follow-up for the nuts and bolts on the daily, weekly, monthly, etc practices.  Great job Beena!  The gathering afterwards was also super rewarding!”


“Totally relevant topic with an AWESOME speaker and great ladies.”


“Thanks, Beena, for bringing great energy and enthusiasm to a challenging topic, and for offering helpful solutions to a fairly common problem!”


“Thank you Beena for such a passionate presentation and a truly helpful workshop!”